Karnataka HC imposes a fine of Rs 50 lakh on Twitter for non-compliance

Defying the microblogging platform’s appeal against blocking orders issued by the Ministry of Information Technology, the Karnataka High Court on Friday imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on… Twitterciting her behaviour. according to LiveLawThe court denied Twitter’s request to suspend the center’s order.

The center asked Twitter to delete some accounts containing tweets related to farmers’ protests and the coronavirus. Twitter said the orders to block some tweets were “procedurally flawed and grossly judged” and “show excessive use of powers”.

Then the microblogging platform approached the court. In the petition, Twitter questioned how it could be directed to block user accounts and stifle freedom of expression.

Senior Twitter advocate Arvind Dutt argued, “If 1,200 accounts get banned on my platform even when material appears in print and TV, it does harm.”

according to LiveLawWhile announcing the ruling, the authority said: “Your client (Twitter) received notifications and your client did not comply… The penalty for non-compliance is seven years imprisonment and an unlimited fine, and this also did not deter your client. Therefore, you did not provide any reason for your delay in compliance, more than a year of delay.” …and then all of a sudden you comply and approach the court. You are not a farmer but a multi-billion dollar corporation.”

First published: June 30, 2023 | 11:32 a.m ist