Creator Economy: How newly launched firm is nurturing digital creators to grow their communities, maximize earnings

The creative economy has a huge potential to emerge as a disruptor in the Indian economy affecting job creation for millions of influencers.

The influencer market has not only made its presence felt in the nooks and crannies of India but has also boosted economic growth. The continuous rise in the Indian creator economy has given hidden talents a platform to entertain our audiences.

“India alone has around 755 million social media users and around 80 million content creators, less than 0.2% of whom are able to monetize their content,” said Anish Mehta, founder of Animeta.

A lot of creators are looking for monetization opportunities beyond ad revenue and find it very challenging. Animeta aims to bridge this gap through its technology platform for creators and to be the enabler that empowers the vast majority of creators by increasing their monetization potential to make a meaningful change in their lives.

Animeta is a Singapore-based Creator Tech focused on creating and nurturing digital creators by helping them grow their communities and increase their profits across multiple social media platforms and custom branding solutions through Animeta’s AI-based self-serve platform.

India is a big market for digital and social media companies, and it’s been expanding rapidly thanks to soaring smartphone sales and cheap data plans. The creator ecosystem is booming, and the number of social media users has increased exponentially.

Rajesh Kamat, Founding Investor at Animeta, noted, “In the past few years, we have seen a shift that has highlighted commercially savvy and savvy content creators emerging as businesses to be reckoned with. The creator economy is worth over $100 billion on the back of its users. Social media users grew to nearly 5 billion in 2023 alone. While the user base continues to grow rapidly, revenue is estimated to increase at a staggering 35% CAGR through 2024.”

“I truly believe that content plays a very important role in today’s digital world,” added Sameer Manchanda, Founding Investor at Animeta.

According to the estimates shared by the government in 2021, India has around 44.8 crore YouTube users, 53 crore WhatsApp users, 41 crore Facebook users, 21 crore Instagram users, and 1.75 crore Twitter users. Collaborate with influencers and influencer marketing agencies to tap into this huge market. For decades, traditional media such as television, radio, and newspapers have been fueled by advertising revenue, and the creative economy is likely to be the next big thing in this sector.

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