With blenders support, sales improve at Coonoor tea auctions

The active participation of the blenders increased the percentage of tea sales at Coonoor auctions as prices fell.

Small packers, in-house buyers and exporters were active at lower levels, traders said, driving sales up about 6 percent in Sale 19 compared to last week. However, the average price achievement dropped by $4 to $5 at auctions.

Global Tea Auctioneers said the quantity offered in leaf grades was 9,75,750 kg, and the percentage sold was 86%. In the dust, the quantity offered was 3,81,495 sold 94 percent.

The higher priced and better CTC liqueurs were $4 to $5 less and some higher quality lots sometimes sold $4 to $5 more expensive and sometimes more. The better intermediate ones were just barely fixed to $2 to $3 easier with a few pulls. Mediums and simple types were $4-5 less with fair withdrawals.

In orthodox papers, initial full paper scores were sometimes $2 to $3 more expensive, while brokens were $3 to $4 less.

In the CTC dust the higher priced and better alcoholic drinks were $8 to $10 less and a lot more sometimes with some withdrawals.

Basic orthodox in degrees of dust was generally easier from 6 to 8 or sometimes more. Seconds and minute dusts were barely fixed to $1 to $2 easier.