what is the Indian rupee value today against the US dollar

the rupee And Government Securities Markets (GSec) rebounded in the wake The US Federal Reserve is raising a quarter of a percentage point in its key interest rate Amidst a banking crisis, even as there are indications that it may stop.

The rupee opened about 28 baisa stronger at 82.3850 per dollar versus a previous close at 82.66 amid expectations that the dollar will weaken due to the US Federal Reserve becoming less aggressive with raising interest rates.

The Indian unit is currently trading at 82.2550 per dollar.

“As we get closer to the month and the end of the fiscal year, we could see the ball move from one court to another i.e. oil and other importers will continue to buy on the dips, while IT and other companies will call their dollar revenues back to India (selling US dollars) and so, we can To see incoming streams near the end.

“Overall, until the end of March, we can see USDINR pair finding support near 81.80-82.00, and resistance near 82.60-82.80 levels,” said Amit Babari, Managing Director of CR Forex Advisors.

Tracking the thaw in US Treasury bond yields, the yield on the widely traded 2032 GSec 7.26 percent fell by about two basis points, with its price rising by about 12 baisas.

Currently, the securities are trading with a yield and price of 7.3323 per cent and 99.5050 rupees respectively.

However, equity markets opened weaker, tracking the movement in US equity markets. The BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty benchmarks are currently down 0.01 percent and 0.06 percent, respectively.