Vegetable prices go up due to inadequate rains, soaring temperature

On Tuesday, traders said that the prices of vegetables have increased due to insufficient rain in the state. But vegetable traders said the arrival of vegetables from northern India is preventing prices from skyrocketing.

The price of tomatoes that were sold for $20 or 30 rupees per kg has risen to 80 rupees in the same KR market, while grains are sold somewhere between 80 and 100 rupees per kg. Carrots sell for $60 per kg and okra (ladies finger) is available at INR 40-60 per kg.

According to the KR market vegetable traders here, the main reason behind the price hike is the insufficient rain in the state this time.

Manjunath, a trader at KR Market, said, “We have not received proper rain. Also, the temperature is high. Because of these two reasons, many vegetable crops have been damaged. Variation in temperature and lack of proper rain led to pest attack on tomatoes.” PTI. He also said that ginger prices have also gone up due to insufficient rain.

Another trader, Sridhar, said prices had gone up but were still affordable. “Vegetables coming from northern India have contained the price hike,” he explained.

Sridhar said that carrots come from Indore while beans, bitter gourd, bulgurd and capsicum are from Bilagavi. Likewise, many vegetables come from neighboring countries as well. Onions and potatoes hold the fort against the rice price at the moment.