Telangana levies penalty on rice millers for failing to deliver rabi season rice

the Telangana The government has again imposed a fine of 25 per cent on rice mills for failing to deliver custom-made milled rice (CMR) for the Food Corporation of India (FCI) Spring 2021-22 marketing season. The move comes a month after the mills were penalized for failing to adhere to the 2021-22 fall marketing season.

The state government pegged the total rice left unmilled at 2.37 thousand tons. A similar amount of rice remained from the 2021-22 fall season, prompting the state government to impose the penalty.

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“We impose a 25 percent fine on rice in default, along with delivery of rice to the state pool,” said a senior Civil Supply Administration official.

There is no extended deadline

He said Mills must pay the fine and turn over the CMR before the fall 2022-23 season begins.

“The Government of India has extended the deadline for the delivery of the CMR from the 2021-22 Rabi season to 31 May 2023. It has refused to give any further extensions despite our many appeals,” said a senior civil supply official.

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The state government may use 4.5 thousand tons of rice (defaulted by millers) from the two seasons for general distribution needs.