Sugar output a tad lower in first 45 days of current season

Sugar production in the first 45 days of the current season (October 2022 to September 2023) decreased slightly at 19.9 thousand tons (liters), compared to 20.8 liters during the same period last year.

The Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) said in a press release that several mills in the west started operating late in the season, resulting in a slight drop in production from November 15.

ISMA added that according to port information and market reports, about 35,000 tons of sugar export contracts have been signed so far. Of this, about 2 thousand tons of sugar were actually exported in October, compared to about 4 tons in the corresponding month last year.

“Several traders entered into export contracts for the 2022-23 season, long before the export policy announced by the government – that is, before November 5, 2022. Since then, there has been an upward trend in international prices for sugar, as a result of which sugar mills are returning,” the ISMA statement said. Negotiating export contract prices.