Sterlite Power uses helicopter to expedite construction of Mumbai Urja Marg

Sterlite Power on Wednesday said it has commenced aerial operations to accelerate construction of Mumbai’s flagship Urja Marg (MUML) project.

To accelerate the completion of the 400 kV transmission corridor linking Badga to Khargar, which connects Mumbai to the national grid, Steerlite Power has proactively deployed lightweight helicopters to overcome terrain challenges and accelerate material transportation, the transportation infrastructure developer and solutions provider said. in the current situation.

The air operations will involve the transportation of approximately 3,000 metric tons of various materials over a period of two months.

The lightweight AS 350 B3 helicopter with a payload capacity of 1,000kg per sortie will be pressurized to transport heavy equipment and materials across several locations in and around the Mumbai area.

Manish Agarwal, Director and CEO, India Transmission, Sterlite Power, said, “The MUML flight process is a proactive step forward on our part and one that will greatly benefit MUML by reducing the time taken for material delivery and, in turn, speeding up project execution.

“Through these innovative technology interventions, Sterlite Power aims to continue to address the key constraints of time, space and capital to deliver the most challenging projects on or before schedule.

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First published: May 31, 2023 | 7:30 p.m ist