Shilpa Shetty invests in agri-tech company Kisankonnect

Kisankonnect, an agricultural technology company from Maharashtra, has attracted an undisclosed amount of investment from Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

Founded in 2020, Kisankonnect sources directly from its network of 5,000 members through the use of collection centers at village level and delivers products to consumers in Mumbai and Pune.

According to the company, it has one of the most advanced temperature-controlled and technologically-enabled supply chains and a different model compared to other players in the e-commerce space.

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Shilpa Shetty Kundra said the company is not only solving the problem of safe-to-eat food, but also connecting thousands of farmers directly with consumers.

Kisankonnect works for soil health and crop health. It has created a technology-enabled supply chain. She said consumers can finally track and trust the source of their food on the Kisankonnect app.

Vivek Nirmal, founder of Kisankonnect, said the company helps thousands of farmers nurture vibrant, healthy soils.

“We have an annual revenue run rate of Rs 120 crore as of now and serving more than one consumer in Pune and Mumbai,” he said.

Nidhi Nirmal, co-founder of Kisankonnect said the company has a huge variety of services anywhere in Mumbai and Pune within 4-6 hours of placing an order.