Set to launch state-of-the-art healthcare ecosystem, says Gautam Adani

Group Chairman Gautam Adani said the Adani Group, which launched Rs 60,000 crore CSR activities last year, is set to launch a technology-based healthcare ecosystem.

In June last year, the Adani family committed to a multi-year, multi-dimensional program along the lines of the Tata Trusts – donating to a range of social causes including healthcare, education and skills development.

“I am pleased to say that our planning for the nation’s most modern comprehensive healthcare system is well underway. This ecosystem aims to drive cutting-edge technology across all medical processes, building deep and data-driven research capabilities to increase exposure of healthcare professionals,” El-Adani said on the eve of Eid. birthday.

“I am excited about the potential of this platform based on the integrated technology and research that we are building. We will announce more details soon,” he announced on Saturday, when he turned 61.

Thanking the staff for their support, Adani said that the operational and financial results for fiscal year 23 were the best ever despite the negative reports.

“Our balance sheet has never been better, our assets have never been more robust and our operating cash flows have never been stronger. The scale of our international expansion has been validated by our success in Australia, Israel, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and many other countries.”

“The pace at which we’ve made acquisitions and turned them around is unparalleled in the national landscape. And for the year just ended, we set all-time records in terms of our revenue, EBIDTA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) and cash flow. These results are our true refutation to those who think they can short us,” he said.

The Adani Group has also launched the Jeetenge Hum Campaign, to show support for the Indian cricket team for the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2023.

The campaign was launched by Adani in association with the champions of the 1983 World Cup winning team.

The campaign encourages Indian cricket fans to unite as one and rally behind the Indian team in various media.

“Cricket is a binding force in our country that evokes a wide spectrum of emotions. Legends are not born, they are made through resilience and perseverance. Team India must have those two qualities that propelled us to win the World Cup in 1983,” he said.

“Hoping to see history repeat itself, join us and the legends in wishing the Indian cricket team for the upcoming World Cup through the Jeetenge Hum Campaign,” said Adani.

“We are honored to unite with the Adani group in mustering India’s squad for the 2023 ODI World Cup. This campaign symbolizes the excitement and indomitable spirit that propelled us to victory in 1983,” cricketing legend and captain of the 1983 winning team Kapil said Dev.