Rubber Research Institute of India develops butt plates for assault rifles

The Rubber Research Institute of India has developed elastomer-based butt plates for fully automatic assault rifles manufactured by Ordnance Factory, Tiruchirappalli. These assault rifles are the Indian version of the AK-47 automatic rifles.

The Rubber Product Incubator Center under the RRII developed the butt plate, the primary component of the rifle, to specifications set by the ordnance manufacturer. Previously, the butt boards imported from countries such as Bulgaria had to be replaced after three to four months of use. However, the buttboard now being developed by RRII is expected to last at least twenty years.

The butt plate helps reduce impact on the body when carrying the rifle over the shoulder while it is in operation. RRII has state-of-the-art facilities for the development and testing of rubber components for defense and aerospace applications.

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Ammunition factory that manufactures weapons and ammunition for needs Indian armyBSF and state police forces, have expressed interest in developing other rubber components used in weapons and equipment in collaboration with rubber board

M. Vasanthagesan, Executive Director, Rubber Board handed over the butt board to P. Jayaram, Small Business Manager, Ordnance Factory on an event at RRII.