Rubber Board’s mRube clocks ₹148 crore annual turnover

Rubber Board’s electronic trading platform ‘mRube’ recorded a turnover of Rs.148 crore by trading 11,23,750kg of natural rubber under 781 contracts.

since It launched a year agomRube complements the traditional trading system by improving market visibility and transparency for buyers and sellers of natural rubber.

Besides trading, the e-market offers value-added services such as quality checks, legal commercial contracts, payment gateway, interest-free advance facilities for sellers and customer ratings.

mRube uses ICT tools, web applications, cloud hosting, cloud databases, web services, mobile applications and wireless technologies to provide a combined solution for the marketing of all forms of natural rubber.

The minimum trade quantity allowed on mRube is one ton. Buyers and sellers can upload their offers, and there are provisions for bargaining by uploading the corresponding offers on the quantity, price, delivery terms, payment terms, etc.