Monsoon checks in late over Sri Lanka, grazes Minicoy in Lakshadweep

The monsoon advanced further to Minicoy, the southernmost island of Lakshadweep and the entire district of Comorin, some other parts of the southern Arabian Sea and the Maldives, and some other parts to the south and bordering the middle eastern Bay of Bengal on Friday. Its northern border passed through Sri Lanka, delaying the monsoons to the island nation for at least 10 days.

Northern boundary arc

The northern boundary passed through Minikoy, the southernmost island in Lakshadweep, located 398 km southwest of Kochi in Kerala. The fairy arc connects the south-central Arabian Sea and the seas southwest of the Maldives to Lot on the coast of Sri Lanka before extending into the southwest, east-central and north-eastern Bay of Bengal while culminating over central Myanmar. On Friday, the International Institute for Human Development refrained from issuing a forward-looking statement regarding further progress in the monsoon.

Meanwhile, Myanmar’s Department of Meteorology and Hydrology said the monsoon is likely to reach central Myanmar from June 1 to 5 and cover the whole country from June 6 to 10. It expects an area of ​​low pressure to develop over the Andaman Sea and adjacent Gulf from June 5 to 10, which is likely to intensify into a depression. IMD said a preparatory cyclone swirled over the eastern-central gulf off the coast of Myanmar on Friday.

Buzz in Bay, Arabian Sea

The development of the potential depression over the Gulf will likely coincide with the formation of a cyclonic cyclonic citizen over the southeastern Arabian Sea around Lakshadweep around Monday (June 5). This is likely to deepen as a low pressure area over the next couple of days. Together, these systems can create favorable conditions for the onset of monsoons over Kerala.

Over Sri Lanka the start was muted with westerly to southwesterly winds not ascending to desired strength along the gateway cities of Galle, Colombo, Mannar and Jaffna along the coast. On Friday morning wind speed was between 9-11 km/h although humidity was high at 85% in Galle and Jaffna. Rain is forecast for the day at all locations. This data has been obtained from secondary sources as the official Sri Lankan agency has not been available for several days now.

Strong monsoons in the Maldives

Moreover, the monsoon remains moderate to strong over the Maldives with scattered showers expected with heavy rain and thunderstorms until Saturday morning. Winds are expected to gather speeds from 24 to 43 km/h, and their speed is close to a hurricane of 74 km/h. But the forecast for the month of June as a whole indicated less rain than usual for the atolls here.

Back home, IMD maintained forecasts for light/moderate to somewhat scattered rain, thunderstorms, lightning and gusty winds for Kerala, Lakshadweep, coastal Karnataka and southern inland, and isolated for scattered precipitation over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh for five days. Heavy rains are possible in isolated places over Kerala for three days from Saturday to Monday.