Milk processing at Varanasi Milk Union jumps to 1 lakh litres per day: NDDB Chief

In a revival of cooperative dairying in Uttar Pradesh, an intervention by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has dramatically increased milk processing in the Varanasi Milk Federation. The capacity utilization of the federation’s dairy plant has increased from less than 5 percent to about 50 percent now.

In a statement on Wednesday, Manesh Shah, Chairman of NDDB, said, “When we took over the Varanasi Dairy Federation dairy plant with a capacity of two liters per day, just over a year ago, it was only operating at 6,000 to 7,000 litres, which is now operating at more than one liter.” Per day. “

The dairy development body, the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), has laid out a roadmap for reviving the Cooperative Dairy Federation of Pradesh, known as Parag Dairy, and discussions are underway to harness its dormant capabilities for better utilization.

This reinforces that by providing better services to dairy producers and bringing professionalism to operations, dairy cooperatives in Uttar Pradesh can be revived. However, reviving the dairy sector in Uttar Pradesh through collaborative strategies will require joint efforts of dairy cooperatives and dairy producer organizations,” Shah said, adding that NDDB is committed to developing the dairy sector in Uttar Pradesh, for which it is working with the Uttar state government. Pradesh.

Shah reports that NDDB has taken major initiatives in Uttar Pradesh to support dairy cooperatives, including milk producer organizations in Banaras, Gorakhpur and Raebareli among others.

Acknowledging the need for better availability of feed and forage, with which milk producers spend about 70 percent of the price of the product, Shah said major initiatives have been taken by the National Development Bank in this regard, which include the promotion of approved forage seeds under the National Livestock Mission. So is the formation of Fodder Plus FPOs.

Other initiatives being implemented include silage making, crop residue insurance, aggregate mixed rations, etc