‘Low’ over Bay of Bengal becomes well-marked, on way to intensify as depression by evening

Monday’s low pressure area intensified over the southeastern Bay of Bengal and the adjacent South Andaman Sea becoming ‘well marked’ over the same area on Tuesday morning in what could be a series of continuing rounds of intensification in the cyclone. Mocha by Wed.

By midnight Monday, central and southeastern Bay of Bengal around the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the warmest among tropical oceans worldwide.

Central Bay was literally boiling with sea surface temperatures of 32℃, among the highest on record. This will help maintain an adequate supply of fuel for the hurricane in the form of moisture from the sea.

supportive environment

Vertical wind shear, which refers to the change in wind speed and direction with altitude, is neutral to favourable.

Low wind shear ensures a stable environment where convergence of air at lower levels corresponds to divergence at higher levels. This allows the storm tower to build up and gain strength through the “window effect” at the top, which intensifies the winds.

These are ideal conditions for tornado development and intensification, with some global models indicating a developing tornado Mocha It may reach hurricane strength (category 4/5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale of storm intensity) as it hits the coast of Bangladesh and Myanmar in the next six to seven days along a path of about 700-800 kilometers by sea.

land destination

Neighboring northeastern states of India are also seen taking a hit as the remnants of the cyclone, after weakening after landfall, approach the region next week. At least one model (the US Global Marine Environment Model) is pointing the storm toward the coast of Bangladesh, missing the Indian West Bengal coast by a hair.

This may amplify the impact on the Indian side of the border.

On Tuesday, Myanmar’s Department of Meteorology and Hydrology warned residents of the weather fluctuations that develop before the typhoon forms. He pointed to the opening of a thundercloud over the states of Shan, Kaya, Kayin and Mon.