LIC announces relaxations for victims of cyclone Biparjoy

Insurance giant LIC has announced concessions to alleviate the hardships faced by policy claimants as well as Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Pema Yojana affected by Cyclone Bebarjoy.

“Thanks to the preventive measures that have been taken, the loss of life has been minimal, however, we are reaching out to the affected people to provide assistance,” said Siddhartha Mohanty, Chairman of the LIC.

Nominated Contract Officers at the divisional level to liaise with the Chief/Secretary/Employee of the State Government in this regard.

The LIC has also created a portal link to submit claims arising due to Bcyclone online.

Bijarjoy made landfall on the coast of Kutch on Thursday night Causing loss of property and damage to infrastructure in countries Hurricane affected.