Know how to check IPO allotment status

IPO (initial public offering)also known as a stock launch, is an event in which shares of a company are sold to investors, both institutional and individual.

In a recent tweet, the founder of IPO Mantra RK has detailed the Noida-based menu Ikio Lighting IPO subscription. Once an investor applies for an underwriting allotment, here’s how to view the status of the allotment.

The status of subscription allocation through the Registrar’s website

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  • Enter your application number, Demat account details or PAN details

  • Next, enter the captcha and click submit to continue

  • You will be able to view the details of the allotment status: the number of shares required and the number of shares allotted to an individual by the company

The case of IPO allocation on BSE

  • Click on Investor Services and select “Issuance Request Status”

  • Scroll down to Application Status Check

  • Select Equity as the issue type, and proceed to fill in the required details

  • Click Search to view the status