Kerala should create its own brand of value-added fish products for overseas market: Minister 

Kerala Fisheries Minister Saji Cherian said Kerala should create its own brand of fish-based products and increase exports to take advantage of the huge demand in the overseas market.

Speaking after the inauguration of the Kerala State Coastal Development Corporation (KSCADC) headquarters, the minister said new concepts should be adopted to harness marine wealth in a sustainable manner and improve its export potential.

The fisheries sector should focus on manufacturing value-added fish products, which have a large market outside the country. “We must switch to exporting value-added fish products within two to three years,” the minister said.

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KSCADC, a state-owned company tasked with planning and implementing programs to tap the domestic and global market for fresh and value-added fish products, also launched an overseas marketing initiative.

Transport Minister Anthony Raju handed over documents for exporting value-added fish products to Canada, Australia and New Zealand to Ian Overseas Pvt Ltd MD Asees on the occasion.

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Saji Cherian, who received documents related to the purchase order of value-added products, said that the country did not use its marine resources properly. He said its economy would benefit greatly from using at least 10 percent of the coastal resources.

It is also planned to launch more seafood restaurants and fish hatcheries, along with promoting the production of value-added products. Apart from fishing, every family in a coastal community must seek a supplementary job. He added that the activities of the city center play a major role in implementing innovative ideas to develop the fisheries sector.