Infosys AI: Infosys sharpens focus on generative AI, open to acquisitions: Parekh

Infosys is in the process of rolling out its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy with a heavy focus on generative AI, CEO and Managing Director Salil Parekh said at the 42nd Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday.

Infosys is also open to making strategic acquisitions across different sizes in Cloud and AI Framework, Parekh told. Last year, Infosys acquired BASE Life Science, a consulting and technology firm in the life sciences industry in Europe, to expand its digital transformation capabilities with cloud-based industry solutions.

“We’re looking more carefully at the future of acquisitions,” Parekh said.

Infosys recently launched Topaz, the first suite of AI services, solutions and platforms to use generative AI technologies. Topaz converges the power of Cobalt, a cloud platform solution, and data analytics to help companies drive AI and deliver cognitive solutions and intuitive experiences.

Infosys is currently working on 50 active client projects in the field of generative AI, and “this is increasingly becoming a part of the new world that will be defined on an AI-first basis,” Parekh said. We’ve also built a very strong group of ecosystem partners that we work with.

Infosys Chairman Nandan Nilekani said the company’s cloud computing capabilities helped create the foundation for our clients to build their first AI business. However, he cautioned, “The vast potential of AI and, more recently, advances in generative AI, we know from our own experience in the rapid evolution to an AI-first enterprise, are not without their share of complexities.”

Nilekani told shareholders that Infosys will use AI in a “responsible” manner and will follow all associated regulations.

“The AI ​​First strategy we have adopted is already working in our favour. We have redesigned our organization to judiciously balance people, technology and process while also executing work by breaking it down into cognitive tasks. Today, we can offer our global customers the same ability to accelerate business value and amplify human potential Using artificial intelligence technologies with Infosys Topaz”.

Infosys management is unanimous in the opinion that artificial intelligence will not replace human functions but rather complement them. Parekh said Infosys has seen productivity improve by 10-30 percent using AI both internally and with customers.

Nilekani said Infosys has successfully institutionalized the “One Infosys” approach to “position the company to work with customers for their long-term digital transformation and cost-efficiency and flexibility programs that are vital for them to thrive in the near-term.” .

Commenting on the new opportunities awaiting them, Nilekani said, “The digital transformation of every industry and every aspect of life, over the past several years, has laid the foundation for the opportunities that will arise.”

The future is in the cloud

  • Recently launched, Topaz is the first set of AI services, solutions and platforms that use generative AI technologies.
  • She is currently working on 50 active generative AI client projects
  • I’ve seen productivity improve by 10-30% with AI
  • Infosys Cobalt has helped create the foundation for clients to build AI-driven businesses
  • Open to acquisitions across various sizes in Cloud and AI Framework