Indo-French research project to study leaf fall disease in natural rubber

The French Indo-French Center for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR/CEFIPRA) has approved an advanced research project to study Corynespora defoliation disease of natural rubber in collaboration with Rubber Sheet.

The research project titled “Dissecting a Complex Plant Pathogen Interaction Network Through a Multiscale Integrative Approach to Understand the Evolution of Corynespora Leaf Fall Disease in Rubber and Identification of Molecular Breeding Candidate Genes” has a duration of three years, and the amount allowed is Rs 1.62 crore.

Corynespora cassiicola is caused by the Corynespora leaf disease of the rubber tree, a major threat to natural rubber production in Asia. Reproducibility of high-yielding rubber is a major limitation because it causes yield loss due to frequent leaf fall.

The Indo-French collaborative research project adopts a multi-scale approach (transcription, proteomics and metabolomics) to investigate complex biological processes in the pathogen-induced host that are regulated at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels during host-pathogen interactions.

The project aims to identify and eliminate allergen-carrying rubber clones that could lead to an epidemic outbreak of disease under specific environmental conditions.

Bindu Roy, Principal Scientist, Rubber Research Institute of India-RRII

The principal investigators on the project are Bindu Roy (Principal Scientist, Rubber Research Institute of India-RRII) and Valerie Pujade Renaud (Senior Scientist, French Agricultural Research Center for International Development).