India will be bright shining light for world: OYO founder Ritesh Agarwal

India will be the shining light to the world driven by its youth who are ‘driving startups’ India will be the shining light to the world, founder and CEO of OYO Group Ritesh Agarwal said on Saturday.

India has become a hub for startups that have created new age services like Ola flight sharing, OYO room sharing and Paytm, which one cannot live without today but was non-existent nine years ago, he said while speaking at a secret meeting at the completion of the nine. Modi government years.

“In my opinion, India will be the shining light of the world and it is of course led by the youth in India who are driving startups…,” he said.

OYO, which also started in 2014, is also nine years old, Agarwal said, and the company has seen one ecosystem as India has only moved forward.

In nine years, he said, India’s startup revolution has created nearly US$300 billion in market capitalization “out of nothing”.

Many young people from small towns today not only aim to become great entrepreneurs but also dream of becoming the biggest global innovators.

When asked about his advice to young people, Agarwal told them to focus on striving for excellence and not get discouraged by people who discourage them from working towards their dreams.

Earlier at the confidential meeting, Biocon CEO Kiran Mazumdar Shaw said she has witnessed a number of transformative initiatives over the past nine years that have impacted the lives of people from all segments of society.

She noted that the country has seen road breaking and technology beat the world during the COVID-19 pandemic which has really helped to manage it very effectively.

“There have been more than 2 billion vaccines rolled out to more than 1 billion people in the country, and it is the world’s largest mass vaccination initiative on a digital platform, and I was proud as a citizen to see the vaccines being sent to other countries,” Mazumdar stated Shaw.

She noted that being a businesswoman and one of the first entrepreneurs in the country, it was heartening to see what was happening in the startup ecosystem.

“It is very exciting to see the way the government is supporting new startups with many initiatives, making it easier for them to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities,” said Mazumdar Shaw.

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