InCred Money launches corporate bond on new platform

InCred Money has launched a regulated alternative asset platform to invest in alternative assets. In the first of these, corporate bonds were introduced with an issuance that provided investors with fixed returns of 12.5 percent per annum.

The investor-first platform enables diversification and wealth creation through an easy-to-use process, democratizing access to products previously only available to institutions and the super-wealthy.

The platform will span both the B2C and B2B2C verticals, providing a comprehensive suite of investment products and services for both investors and financial advisors.

Vijay Kuppa, CEO of InCred Money, said the platform will make it easier for investors to access the bond market and will be a valuable tool for investors. He added that it will help investors build diversified and resilient portfolios to achieve their financial goals.

Bhupinder Singh, Founder and CEO of InCred Group, said the democratization of investment opportunities spanning the affluent and retail sectors will be driven by digital platforms that provide access to non-traditional assets to investors and their advisors.

He added that this first product offering is the first step towards enabling retail customers to diversify into the alternative space and will be followed by many more interesting opportunities for potential alpha generation.