IMD declares cyclone Mocha over Bay, sets it on course for steady intensification

tornado Mocha Over the southeastern Bay of Bengal, it practically stalled from Wednesday night through the entirety of Thursday when it intensified twice from a low level overnight. The slow speed of lateral movement over warm ocean waters will only help the evolving system fuel the increasing humidity and become a potential monstrous storm.

This has been paid Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) to review and upgrade alerts Regarding the strength and intensity of the storm, which is at least two full days away from reaching land. IMD has now withdrawn its forecast to weaken what it predicts will be a very intense hurricane as it approaches the coast to make landfall on Sunday.

Landfall near Sittwe, Myanmar

The hurricane occurred on Thursday afternoon, about 510 kilometers west of Port Blair. 1,160 km south-south-west of Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh) and 1,080 km south-southwest of Sittwe (Myanmar). It will repeat to the north-northeast to move onwards with more intensification as of Friday morning. Significantly, the landing point was moved near Sittwe in Myanmar Mocha Prepares to explode on a slope over southeastern Bangladesh and northern Myanmar on Sunday.

higher wind speeds

At the time of landfall, the severe typhoon will have sustained maximum wind speeds of 150-160 km/h, gusting to 175 km/h, which is much higher than the 110-120 km/h, gusting to 135 km/h as it was previously believed. The Joint Hurricane Warning Center estimates Mocha To increase the wind speed until it reaches 175 km / h, it reaches a speed of 212 km / h. The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System estimates that at least 2.95 million people are at risk from the danger posed by the approaching storm.

IMD has warned that the ‘extremely rough’ to ‘enormous’ sea (wave heights from 30 feet to beyond 46 feet) could affect fishing, offshore operations and offshore activities. Tourist, marine and shipping activities near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands must be halted until Saturday. The warning applies differently to Southeast, East Central, West Central, and Northeast Bay through Sunday.