ICRISAT to help Bihar roll out Krishi programme

the International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Subjects ICRISAT will assist the Bihar Government in implementing the Fourth Krishi (Agricultural) Roadmap.

The goal is to improve the sustainability and profitability of crop production in the state’s diverse agro-climatic zones, some of which suffer from floods and droughts.

Mangala Rai, Agriculture Adviser to the Chief Minister of Bihar, called for an action plan for himself at a meeting of ICRISAT representatives and a few agriculture officials of the state and allied departments.

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“The partnership will also focus on research related to value chains, seed systems, sustainable diversification and water budget integration in drought-prone areas of Bihar,” said Deputy Director General (Research) Arvind Kumar.

“Through our collaboration, we can harness the latest research, innovative solutions and evidence-based strategies to catalyze sustainable agricultural development in the state,” ICRISAT Director General Jacqueline Hughes said in a statement Friday.