High Credit Borrowers Get Punished and New Landlord Laws Put Tenants First

I got high Balance level? Your mortgage can become more expensive. And no, this episode will not be released the other day. New mortgage rules motivate those with poor credit while punishing those who built up their credits. Although this may seem like we are going back in time Subprime mortgagesThere may be some real reasons behind this latest change in mortgage rules.

Welcome to the 100th episode of In the market! It’s been a year since our first episode, and thanks to Dave, Henry, James, Jamil and Cathy, we’ve been moving the charts with some of the latest real estate data. This time, Dave and our guest team will be participating Favorite episodes And check out some The latest headlines affecting the housing market.

First, we’ll touch How have mortgage rules changed? And why High credit score borrowers can be in Crosshairs For an expensive fee. the next, California targets the upper middle classKind of rich, but not super rich with the latest.Palace tax“,” which targets homes that aren’t exactly mansions! Finally, A.J Partial ownership Discuss and update on latest Owner’s law maybe Giving tenants more protection for the property.

Thank you for joining us for the 100th episode of In the market! And Special thanks to our Producer, Kailyn Bennettto achieve all of that. Here are over 100 episodes!

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In this episode we cover

  • New mortgage updates It can hurt high credit score borrowers
  • Mansion tax in California And how it can affect so much more than the “ultra-rich”
  • categorical Real Estate Investment and whether owning a “share” of the rent will beat buying real estate
  • Colorado The latest landlord law proposal It could change the way you rent
  • Homeownership is for everyone And how Inability to afford the costs pressure on legislators
  • the In the market painting Favorite episodes of all time!
  • And So Much more!

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