Gujarat’s response to Biparjoy a classic example of teamwork: Amit Shah

Well-coordinated response toSevere storm hurricane “Pibargui” Union Home Minister Amit Shah after inspecting the affected areas and meeting villagers and farmers in Kutch on Saturday said there were no casualties in Gujarat.

Cyclone It made landfall on the coast of Kutch On June 15, Shah said the state government would announce a relief package after assessing the damage to crops and property.

earlier in the day, Shah conducted an aerial inspection Cyclone-hit Kutch.

Hurricane response

Speaking to the media about the effective response to the cyclone by central and government agencies with the support of the citizens, Shah said, “This is a classic example of teamwork. No human lives were lost in this powerful cyclone that made landfall with wind speeds of 140 kmph.”

For the first time in my public life, I encountered smiling faces of people after a hurricane of this magnitude. They were glad that lives had been saved and farms or crops revived. This is quite an achievement. With the formation of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), and with its policies, Shah said we now have an army ready for rescue and relief work.

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47 people were injured, with injuries not amounting to permanent disability, and 234 animal deaths were recorded. “This is minimal damage given the vast coastline of Gujarat,” he said.

As a precaution, high-voltage electricity supplies have been suspended in the typhoon-hit areas. “Electricity has been suspended for 3,400 villages, electricity has already been restored for 1,600 villages. Electricity will be restored for the remaining villages by the evening of June 20.”

“Our priority now is to ensure that electricity and drinking water are restored and to facilitate the return of evacuated families to their homes. “By Monday evening, all the families will go home,” Shah said, adding that the communications network has been fully restored.

1,08,208 civilians and 73,000 animals in eight regions have been moved to safer locations. More than 1 lakh fishermen were asked to return to shore before the cyclone approached Gujarat. More than 3 lakh trees have been pruned to avoid uprooting and 4,317 boards have been removed as a precautionary measure.

“The response of the Gujarat government showed that 70 per cent of the NDRF guidelines have been implemented on the ground,” he said.

Making a special mention, Shah indicated that about 1,206 pregnant women have been taken to hospitals as a precautionary step. Among them, 707 successful deliveries took place during the three days of the typhoon’s impact.