Dhanuka Group plans to invest in more agri start-ups

Agrochemical Company Dhanuka Agritech He said he is open to investing in more startups to support young entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector after making investments in two companies, including ₹30 crore in Gurugram-based drone maker IoTechWorld Avigation for a minority stake in 2021.

“There are many young entrepreneurs with great products and technologies. We are ready to support them,” said Dhanuka Group Chairman RG Agarwal on Wednesday. He added that the company will invest in more such startups if it finds the right opportunity.

Agarwal said IoTechWorld has a lot of orders booked as drones are now being increasingly used in the agricultural sector for spraying pesticides and other activities. He added that another startup that Danuka has invested in is making IoT and AI-based equipment for the farm sector, such as a soil sensor.

Major challenges

Making a strong showing of integrating technological developments, such as artificial intelligence with the farm sector, he said: “These technologies can help identify crop diseases and attack pests in advance, as well as aid in the efficient use of fertilizers and water management. With the help of these technologies, farmers can make informed decisions based on get real-time data and better plan their crops.”

He also said that the supply of fake pesticides is one of the major challenges in the agrochemical sector as it harms the interests of both farmers and manufacturers. He said Danuka had already adopted the QR code on all its products to check the risk of selling counterfeit products in the parallel market.

As the use of substandard/false/smuggled/refined pesticides has a negative impact on crop yields and income of farmers, he urged the government to crack down on entities involved in selling such agricultural inputs. He added that low-quality products fail to effectively control insects and pests, which leads to huge crop losses.

Dhanuka Group, which has three manufacturing units located in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir, has a turnover of nearly Rs 1,500 crore in the US. past financial.