Dhanuka Agritech enters agri-biological segment with launch of ‘BiologiQ’ range of products

Dhanuka Agritech Ltdan agricultural inputs company, entered the bio-agriculture sector with the launch of its range of products ‘BiologiQ’.

According to the company, BiologiQ represents a broad category of crop protection, soil health, and plant nutrition products derived from nature.

A media release said BiologiQ products can be used individually or in combination with conventional chemical products under an integrated pest management and nutrition plan to achieve powerful crop and soil results.

Three primers in the BiologiQ range are: the biological insecticide “Whiteaxe”, the biological fungicide “Downil” and the biological wilticide “Sporenil”.

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White caterpillar solution

According to the company, “Whiteaxe” is a biological solution for termites, termites, and borers. Downyell is a biological solution to downy mildew. And “Sporenil” is a biological solution for wilting, rotting and damping off.

Quoting MK Dhanuka, Managing Director of Dhanuka Group, the statement said, “We are launching three biological products Whiteaxe, Downil and Spornil in the biodynamic sector. This segment is increasing globally, and we see good demand for these products in India as well. Hopefully in the times to come To offer more biological products in our BiologiQ range.”

Manoj Varshney, Head of National Marketing at Dhanuka Agritech said, “BiologiQ will help bridge the gaps that are currently being created through the use of chemical solutions alone. We have seen that our biological products when used alone or alternately with chemical solutions under an integrated plan can lead to Impressive results. It also helps in addressing the building of resistance among pests due to the regular use of chemicals.”

The statement said Dhanuka Agritech has strengthened its herbicide portfolio with the introduction of two selective herbicides ‘Implode’ and ‘Mesotrax’.

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“Implode” is a selective herbicide for corn, and “Mesotrax” is a selective herbicide for sugarcane and corn.