Cottonseed prices shoot up as shortage of top-brand seeds hits farmers ahead of kharif sowings

until Farmers prepare for fall plantingCottonseed prices have increased by 50-100 per cent over the MRP of Rs 850 per bundle (450g each), due to sharp drop in seed production last year due to heavy rains, in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Reports state that although there are about 15 brands of seeds available in the market, the top 4-5 brands are in high demand every year due to their good germination levels and ability to withstand dry spells.

M Prabhakara Rao, President of the National Seed Association of India, agrees with the decline in seed production. “Last year, there were heavy rains at an inappropriate time during the seed production stage. This affected seed production,” he said.

order total

The total demand for cottonseed in the country for the current market season is tied at 4.5 crore bales. Of this, Northern and Maharashtra markets account for about 45-50 percent, followed by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with about 60-70 bundles.

Prabhakara Rao says the stock was good enough to meet the overall requirements.

But the problem is that there are 4-5 brands that are in great demand. Since these brands are not in short supply, farmers pay a premium, on top of MRP,” said Jaipal, a farmer from Mahboobabad district, Business line.

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Farmers are expected to increase cotton The area is on the back of good prices last year. Professor Jayashankar has set Telangana state agricultural rates at $7000-7500 quintals this year.

The fiber crop grew to 127 thousand hectares in 2022-23, compared to 118.56 thousand hectares in the previous year. Maharashtra topped the charts with a cotton area of ​​42 thousand hectares followed by Gujarat (25.49 thousand hectares), Telangana (20.23 thousand hectares), Karnataka (8.21 thousand hectares), and Rajasthan (6.83 thousand hectares).

The country produced 341.91 bales (170 kg bales) of reported cotton production in 2022-23 compared to 312 bales last year.

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Seed availability

Mithun Chand, CEO of Kaver Seeds, said, “Production has been hit hard and germination rates are low for the industry. But I don’t see any problem for this year’s seeds because almost all companies have carry-over stocks.

But he said he was concerned about the availability of the seed for the upcoming fall season. “I’m not worried about this year as the seed (in the respective markets) has been well placed,” he said.

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“I am concerned about the availability of seeds for the next season. But the stock will be zero with the industry after the current marketing season as staged stocks will make up for the shortfall in production. He said the seed crop has not yet taken off well this year due to the late rains.

Unlike other crops such as corn, seed production in cotton occurs along with the season. This means that the seeds produced this season will be processed and sold in the next fall season.