Coromandel introduces Nano DAP

Coromandel International LimitedAgro-solutions provider of Murugappa Group, has introduced ‘Nano DAP’, a nanotechnology-based fertilizer, developed by its Research and Development Center at IIT Bombay, here on Saturday. We’ve conducted around 700 field trials and partnered with a few agricultural universities to prove the product’s efficacy. A company executive said in a statement that the company had obtained regulatory clearance from the Fertilizers Department.

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The company is setting up a Nano DAP production facility in Andhra Pradesh with the capacity to manufacture four crore bottles. “It is likely to be operational in 2023. The product will be available in one-liter packages, which can supplement the nutritional needs of a one-acre farm,” he said.

Arun Paruka, Secretary (Union Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals), said that DAP nanomaterial represents an important step in pushing the country towards realizing Atma Nirbar’s vision for fertilizers. “We are working closely with industry to promote its use and status as a fertilizer alternative to conventional nutrients. Its use is expected to provide impetus to sustainable farming practices by providing site-specific nutrition, reducing waste and conserving water.”