Biparjoy weakens, brings heavy rain to Gujarat ahead of landfall

Typhoon Pebargui is very intense Released some steam and weakened as a very intense hurricane on Tuesday. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has indicated that it may not close anymore until it does touches the coast near the port of Jakau over northwest Gujarat by Thursday evening, according to a revised schedule.

Landfall was a tad late

IMD has delayed the landing until the evening of the noon hours originally expected on Thursday. On Tuesday, the storm moved fully into the northeastern Arabian Sea in the immediate vicinity. May move north until midnight Tuesday and turn track to cross Saurashtra, Kutch and adjoining Pakistani coasts between Mandvi (Gujarat) and Karachi (Pakistan) near Port Jakaw (Gujarat) the next day as a severe cyclonic storm with maximum sustained wind speeds of 125-135 km/h gusts of 150 km/h

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Heavy rain over Gujarat

pepperjoyIt sent outer rain bands from Monday evening itself, causing very heavy rains over Saurashtra and Kutch. The heaviest (in cm) was recorded in Sutrapada-21; It is followed by Veraval in the same neighborhood and Qeshud (Junagadh) -20 each; Mindarda-19; Malia 18; Mangro-14 (all Junagadh); Talala (Gir Somnath)-13, Vanthali-12; Manavadar-11; and Junagarh AWS-10 (Junagadh).

Monsoons remain slow

Meanwhile, the northern boundary remains unchanged via Ratnagiri, Kopal, Puttaparthi, Shriharikota, Malda and Vorpsganj. Monsoon flows from the arm of the Arabian Sea are heading towards a very intense cyclone with a discrete but weak component directed towards the coasts of Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. The Bay of Bengal arm seemed occupied, but in the absence of a sea-based system (low pressure area) to anchor it, it failed to make an impression except in north-east India.

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Limited gains were seen

The IMD saw limited gains on the Earth’s rain front for the next five days. This includes northwest India where the monsoon usually arrives by the end of June. Biparjoy will bring light/moderate to isolated rain, hail, thunderstorms and lightning over Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand on Wednesday and Thursday. Heavy to very heavy rain with very heavy precipitation is expected over southwestern Rajasthan on Friday and Saturday and over southeastern Rajasthan on Saturday.

Over southern India, rain is likely to be light to moderate to scattered to somewhat widespread, and thunderstorms, lightning and gusty winds are likely for the next five days. Heavy rains are likely in isolated places over Kerala in the next couple of days. Eastern and northeastern India is likely to see heavy to heavy rains in many parts during this period.