Biparjoy to intensify further, may churn at peak strength till Friday night 

Severe hurricane storm pepperjoy Over the eastern and central Arabian Sea it is almost parked in the open waters 850 km west of Goa; 890 km southwest of Mumbai; 900 km south-south-west of Porbandar; and 1,180 km south of Karachi on Thursday afternoon. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) expects it to intensify further and move north-northwest over the next three days.

While the powerful cyclone does not cause an immediate threat to the west coast of India, global models have not reached a consensus on the direction of movement or where to land. While Oman to the northwest made only a passing mention in the weather forecast, the Pakistan Meteorological Department said it would monitor its behavioral dynamics over the next two days.

to reach peak strength

A very intense cyclone (before it is called a severe or very severe hurricane) was located 1,036 km southeast of Masirah Island off Oman. IMD expects the storm to reach peak strength of 145-155 km/h to 170 km/h from midnight Thursday, and to maintain these levels for at least 24 hours until midnight Friday.

Some global models doubt it pepperjoy It will encounter easterly winds high in the atmosphere and combat increasing wind shear. Shear refers to the change in wind speed and direction with altitude. High shear values ​​affect and weaken the structure of a storm tower thousands of feet high. So the storm may stop and perhaps dissipate over the waters.

storm wind speed

Strong winds blew on Wednesday afternoon, reaching speeds of 135 to 145 km/h, with speeds reaching 160 km/h over the eastern, central, western and central Arabian Sea. It may increase and shift to 145-155 km/h, and its speed to 170 km/h from Thursday night. Severe weather is likely with winds of 35-45 km/h gusts to 55 km/h along and off the coasts of Karnataka-Goa-Maharashtra.

Pushpendra Johari, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, RMSI, a global GIS consulting firm, said the GFS and RMSI Impact platform models predict that pepperjoy Little effect on the West Coast. Maximum sustained winds may range between 20-30 km/h along the coasts of Maharashtra and Gujarat and off for the next five days. The landfall location is still uncertain, with different models indicating different options, only to change them later.