Bharti Airtel, Bridgepointe Technologies launch new strategic partnership

Bharti Airtel, on Monday, announced its strategic partnership with Bridgepointe Technologies, a technology advisory firm that helps mid-market and corporate companies bridge the gap between technology investments and business results.

The Airtel-Bridgepointe partnership will enable US companies interested in expanding into India and Africa to take advantage of Airtel’s digital infrastructure solution, the company said, in filing with the exchanges.

Airtel’s knowledge, experience and understanding of each layer of the communications ecosystem, combined with the company’s commitment to sustainability, creates an ideal framework for partnerships with companies such as Bridgepointe looking to expand into India and Africa.

“At Airtel, we have huge network investments, a strong product ecosystem and a large customer base, particularly in India and Africa. We are delighted to collaborate with Bridgepoint to extend our wide range of products to their customer base,” said Vani Venkatesh, CEO – Global Business, Bharti Airtel.

“We are delighted to partner with Airtel in the Indian and African market, one of the leading suppliers in the region,” said Mel Melara, Vice President of Sales and Head of Data Center Practice, Bridgepointe Technologies.

“Through our relationships and Airtel’s market reach and credibility, we are confident we can create significant opportunities for companies looking to expand their digital businesses in these regions. This partnership is a prime example of how Bridgepointe’s data center practice continues to expand its reach across the world to benefit our enterprise clients,” Melara said.

Through this partnership, Bridgepointe will benefit from its well-established foothold in the data center market and will be able to offer all of Airtel’s products and services as part of its portfolio. Key offerings include global connectivity solutions, DIA, IPLC, data center and SD-WAN.

In addition, the partnership will benefit Nxtra with Airtel’s largest network of secure, scalable and sustainable data centers in India serving several leading corporations, startups, SMEs and governments across the country. Nxtra’s commitment to sustainability and achieving net zero by 2031 will be at the forefront of Bridgepointe’s efforts.

Airtel is among the top three mobile operators worldwide and its networks cover more than two billion people. Airtel is also the largest provider of integrated communications solutions in India and the second largest mobile operator in Africa. It boasts a customer base of more than 500 million customers in 17 countries in South Asia and Africa. In addition, Nxtra by Airtel owns and operates 12 large facilities and 120 terminal data centers across India.