ASAP Kerala enters agreement with US based tax agency to employ EA students

: State-run ASAP Kerala has entered into an agreement with US-based tax services firm H&R Block to guarantee employment for those who complete the Registered Agent (EA) course, which was offered for the first time in the state.

Additional Skills Acquisition Program (ASAP) Kerala is an undertaking of the Ministry of Higher Education, which focuses on upgrading the skills of students and the community to enhance their employability.

According to the agreement, H&R Block will provide employment opportunities for those taking an EA course alongside or after their studies.

The MoU between ASAP Kerala CMD Usha Titus and H&R Block India Vice President MD Hariprasad K was signed in the presence of Minister for Higher Education R. Bindu in her secretariat room here recently, according to an official statement.

She said those who successfully complete the course will be eligible to represent taxpayers in countries like the US, Canada and Australia and file their tax returns in India.

This course is new to Kerala with opportunities both at home and abroad and for the first time ASAP Kerala is conducting this course in the state.

Minister Bindu pointed out that there are great job opportunities for the youth of our country in the field of American taxation.

“Many companies providing tax services in the US do not get enough qualified candidates here. To bridge this gap, ASAP Kerala provides training in job readiness skills in US tax affairs through the EA course for candidates. Besides, we have also been able to secure jobs for them.”

H&R Block has already recruited eight candidates from its ongoing EA pool at ASAP and aims to hire 400 candidates this year.

ASAP Kerala has offered this course with the aim of developing a pool of candidates with experience in US taxation to attract multinational companies in this sector to Kerala.

ASAP Kerala aims to train 1000 candidates this year.

During this period, H&R Block agreed to do seasonal hiring based on U.S. tax filing times, she said.

Tax season in the United States runs from September to March. The company will also offer the opportunity to work from home or close to home for candidates who are hired as seasonal employees.

Tax season in the United States runs from September to March. 4,000 people will have a chance in the near future.

Candidates will get a monthly salary of Rs 20,500, incentive for filed tax returns and a one off bonus of Rs 30,000.

The statement added that facilities available at ASAP Community Skills Parks across the state for seasonal workers will also be considered.

The potential of this sector, which contains many job opportunities, must be fully exploited. This agreement aims to enable our country’s learners to take advantage of the opportunities available in the sector, said Hariprasad K, Vice President and Managing Director, H&R Block India.

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