As chana procurement exceeds 23.21 lakh tonnes, prices improve

Chana (Bengal Gram) buy ran out At the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of ₹5,335 per quintal it has exceeded 23.21 lakh tons (lt) in the ongoing rabi marketing season. Last year, the government bought 25.9 thousand tons of grams.

As of June 15, Nafed purchases of 23.21 liters worth Rs 12,386 crore. Procurement is still in progress mainly in the northern states and is in the final stages. More than 10.16 lakh farmers have, so far, benefited from the Chana procurement exercise.

The typical price (the rate at which most trades take place) for Shana has improved in recent weeks as buying has picked up. Prices are currently hovering in the range of ₹4,800-4,900 in various mandises of Madhya Pradesh, but it still rules less than MSP.

In Madhya Pradesh, the largest producer of chana, purchases topped 7.97 liters as of mid-June compared to 8.02 liters in the previous season.

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In Maharashtra, NAVED purchases topped 7.73 litres, versus 7.6 thousand tonnes a year earlier. This year, Chana purchases topped 3.28 liters in Gujarat as of mid-June but are down from 5.59 liters a year ago. Also in Rajasthan, purchases were 2.14 liters as of mid-June compared to 2.99 liters a year earlier. Similarly in Uttar Pradesh, Chana purchases were down 13,641 tons from 26,800 tons.

In the southern states, where the purchase ended, the purchases were higher in Karnataka at 79,631 tons, while in Andhra Pradesh at 64,503 tons followed by Telangana at 50,238 tons.

Before the start of this year’s procurement season, Nafed had a carry-over stock of nearly 14,000 tons.