Amidst El Nino forecast, pulses trade makes renewed pitch for yellow pea imports

Amid moderate expectations of El Nino phenomenon, Which is likely to result in lower rainfall, the Indian pulses trade has made it a renewed step for imports of yellow peas into the country.

The Indian Pulses and Grains Trade Authority (IPGA) on Wednesday urged the government to do so Allow the import of yellow peas In a meeting held to discuss the availability and supply of pulses in the country.

“With the El Nino effect in mind, it is a good idea to prepare in advance for any kind of eventuality. We have advised the government to allow the import of yellow peas with the caveat that imports must be subject to a certain amount of fee structure so that the cost of landing imported yellow peas is more than Minimum support price for Shanasaid Bimal Kothari, President of the IPGA.

He said such a move would take care of the interests of consumers, farmers, government, trade and industry.

More pressure

Currently, the country is facing a short supply of some types of pulses such as toor and awrad, which has resulted in fixed prices. However, there is a surplus of pulses such as channa and lentils, which are hovering below the minimum support prices.

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Yellow peas are currently in the prohibited category. Until now, the government has been wary of allowing the import of yellow peas as the country has produced them Shanna Crop Record. Allowing the import of yellow peas is likely to put more pressure on chana prices, which remain below the average production level, despite higher purchases.

As of May 10, NAFED has purchased more than 18.5 thousand tons (L) of chana worth more than Rs. 9,873 crore and 48,633 tons of lentils worth more than Rs. 291 crore. Typical chana prices still rule in the range of ₹4,600-4,800 across various mandis in MP, below the MSP of 5,335 per quintal. Similarly, typical prices for lentils hover in the $5,250-5,500 range, below the MSP of INR 6,000 per quintal.

According to Progress II estimates, Chana’s production reached a record high of 13.63 million tons, up from last year’s 13.54 million tons. Lentil production also witnessed an increase of 15.99 liters compared to 12.69 liters in the previous year.