AI sends out questionnaires to assess customer satisfaction levels: CEO

While improving services, Air India said on Friday that it is sending out customer surveys every day and has received a good response through its digital customer feedback mechanism.

Air India, which was acquired by the Tata Group in January last year, began sending out surveys to travelers to identify areas for improvement to meet customer expectations in March.

The airline said in a statement that its Net Promoter Score (NPS) based customer feedback mechanism has received more than 1,40,000 responses in three months.

In his message to staff on Friday, Air India CEO and Managing Director Campbell Wilson said that over the past three months, the airline has expanded NPS to cover the entire actual customer journey, from check-in to lounges, the on-board flight experience and the arrival process, and will be expanded to include Internet and call center experiences.

Surveys are sent out every day, and to date we have had over 1,40,000 responses.

“We are pleased, although we are not where we are ultimately aiming for, we have seen a significant improvement in NPS over last year’s benchmark, and there are several areas where we are doing very well,” he said.

Presently, he said, short-haul domestic and international routes are doing well as well as airport operations in places like Pune, Kolkata and Trivandrum.

“As expected, the long haul routes our older 777s and 787s operate are not well rated due to dated seats and IFE (In Flight Entertainment) systems…which is of course why we are set to renovate these interiors starting next year so that they complement the ones on All new planes we’re coming in!” Wilson said in the letter.

According to the release, the NPS mechanism also marks a major shift from a paper-based feedback system to an advanced digital interface. Identifies key parameters affecting customer satisfaction at each touchpoint, whether on the ground, on board or in post-flight experiences, effectively capturing customer sentiment.

Air India plans to extend the NPS mechanism to measure improvements across all functions, including services provided by catering service providers, ground handling agents and airport operators.

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