Agribazaar launches pilot project in crop advisory segment

Agribazaar, the online agricultural commodity trading platform, has launched a pilot project in the crop advisory sector. According to Agribazaar, this initiative will initially benefit 3,000 farmers in selected districts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

A media release said that farmers can access a comprehensive crop calendar through the agribhumi feature within the Agribazaar app. This calendar provides insights such as crop schedules, weather updates, soil health management, pest and disease control measures, and crop management practices.

Agribhumi feature

The agribhumi feature also tracks and notifies farmers of any changes in their scheduled activities, enabling them to stay informed and adapt accordingly. The mobile application is available in English and local languages.

Quoting Amit Mundawala, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Agribazaar, the statement said, “Our crop advisory services, powered by the latest in machine learning technology, ensures that farmers get the best resources to optimize their yields. Allocated land reports provided to Indian farmers facilitate the scientific and effective implementation of ‘predictive farm’ strategies.” As we expand, we hope to improve the lives of every Indian farmer.”

It said Agribazaar was connecting about 15,000 traders and processors and more than 125 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). He added that with an existing user base of 3.55 thousand registered farmers across 16 states and the University of Texas, the Agribazaar app continues to empower farmers and drive the digital transformation of the agricultural ecosystem.