Adoption of Mission LiFE to reduce adverse impact of climate change, says MoS Choudhary

Emphasizing that chemical-free farming is an important option to conserve resources for future generations, Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chaudhary on Monday stated that adopting the LiFE mission in agriculture will help reduce the negative impacts of climate change in the farm sector.

Opening the “Mission LiFE” event on World Environment Day, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in Delhi, Chowdhury quoted the example of Rajasthan and said that the state experiences pre-monsoon rains more frequently than in previous years. Sudden and heavy rains bring distress to the farming community. Farmers are highly vulnerable to climate change. With this in mind, the International Center for Agricultural Research has developed 1,750 climate-resistant varieties after 2016, and these species can give normal yields under adverse conditions in vulnerable areas.”

The minister also stressed the recycling of waste in agriculture as the best example of a circular economy. He stressed that people should spare resources in daily life.

Preserving biodiversity

Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, highlighted the importance of Mission LiFE and mentioned the background to its launch by the Prime Minister during COP 26. Samuel Praveen Kumar, Joint Secretary, said that promoting environmental sustainability through agriculture is crucial for the country in preserving diversity biological and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Agriculture Minister Manoj Ahuja spoke about the rise in global temperature from the pre-industrial era and its direct and indirect impact on agriculture and allied sectors. Ahuja said that maintaining soil health through natural and organic practices that have a beneficial effect on soil flora and fauna leads to improved availability of nutrients in the soil. He also referred to saving water by adopting the scheme of “per drop more yield” as India consumes more water for irrigation as compared to other countries.