Wipro VisionEDGE to power Bowling Center TV’s new digital network

IT company Wipro Limited announced on Monday that its dynamic digital signage solution, Wipro VisionEDGE, will power Bowling Center TV (BCTV), an out-of-home digital television network distributed across bowling centers in the United States.

“Both Wipro VisionEDGE and BCTV represent significant advances in the digital signage and out-of-home industry, enabling targeted customer engagement,” said Malai Joshi, Senior Vice President and Head of Communications, Retail, Connectivity & Services, Wipro Limited.

“Bowling centers boast highly engaged audiences and deliver unique experiences. We are excited to leverage our dynamic multi-channel solution powered by VisionEDGE to increase content synchronization, on-screen content, targeted distribution, ad revenue opportunities, and operational efficiencies.”

In a regulatory filing, the company said, “BCTV is a partnership between Strike Ten Entertainment, Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA), and Equity Sports Partners.”

BCTV is backed by a team of best-in-class technology partners, including Cisco and Wipro VisionEDGE, and is designed to transform bowling center entertainment, revolutionizing the way audiences interact with this popular sport, and how brands interact with those audiences, the company said. in the BSE file.

BCTV will run on more than 13,000 high-end flat screen TVs and is integrated with Wipro VisionEDGE central solutions and cloud-based management and endpoint processing capabilities in concert with Cisco’s simple, flexible and secure networking products.

“The collaboration between Cisco and Wipro was an obvious choice for us, given their world-class products, solutions, and support. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, this partnership is set to reshape the bowling center experience for tens of millions of consumers across the network of BCTV centers by ushering in a new era. of audience participation and immersive experiences,” said Cliff Kaplan, President of BCTV.

John Harbock, President of Strike Ten Entertainment, said, “This marks a significant milestone for the bowling industry. Technological developments have constantly propelled the sport in new and exciting directions. Bowling centers have a unique superpower – the shared experiences of the millions of consumers bowling in our centers. BCTV will enhance these experiences By offering engaging and relevant content that will be updated daily and in real time.”

Meanwhile, Wipro shareholders have approved a share buyback program worth Rs 12,000 crore, according to the exchanges’ audit report released on Monday. Wipro’s board of directors has agreed to buy back Rs 26.96 crore equity shares at Rs 445 each.

According to Scrutinizer’s report on the special decision by mail ballot and electronic voting process, 99.9% voted in favor of the share buyback decision.

“The Chairman has noted the results of the vote as stated above and it has been declared and recorded that the special resolution as set forth in the mail ballot notice dated April 27, 2023, was duly passed by the shareholders on June 1, 2023, with the requirements the report said.