Telangana farmers urge government to revise jowar order, buy entire output

Even when the Government of Telangana announced the purchase of the jawar (sorghum) produced in the Rabi season, farmers in the state demanded the government to purchase the entire production, disposing of the cap of 5.16 quintals per acre.

The government’s decision to cap purchases at 5.16 quintals per acre is unfair. In districts such as Adilabad and Vikarabad, farmers reaped 11-15 quintals, said Rithu Swarajya Vaidika, an umbrella organization of farmers’ associations, NGOs and farm scientists.

With market prices below MSP, the state government has directed Markfed to purchase about 65,000 tonnes harvested in the just-ended spring season, at Rs 2,970 per quintal. It has offered to provide a bank guarantee of Rs 220 crore to Markfed for the purchase.

It is estimated that nearly a thousand farmers went to rainfed crops on an area of ​​51,400 hectares in the spring season, against an average of 35,600 hectares.

The association indicated this Also last year, the government offered to buy 1.31 thousand tons of jawar harvested during the 2021-22 Rabi’ al-Akhar season..

She added, “They said they would buy 10.44 quintals per feddan, but they ended up buying only 25,786 tons, miserably missing the target.”

The association asked the government to raise the acre ceiling for purchases and save farmers.