Synthite ties up with US-based PMEDS, IISC to introduce plant-based dairy alternative 

compound – The largest producer and exporter of value-added spices, oils and oleoresin – Engaged in the manufacture, sale and distribution of plant-derived nutrients and branded vegetable proteins. The company Pfoods Pvt. Ltd, a food technology joint venture with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), and PMEDS, a US based nutraceutical company.

The company launched Just Plants, a plant-based alternative to dairy and Plotein, a plant-based protein drink powder.

Viggo Jacob, managing director of Synthite Industries, said Pfoods’ mandate for innovation was to develop healthier, greener, tasty, affordable, and scalable PBAs for animal dairy products. The company is committed to getting all components of this business from India. The two platforms owned by PBAs called Just Plants and Plotein are the result of this truly Indian innovation.”

The company launched Just Plants, a plant-based alternative to dairy and Plotein, a plant-based protein drink powder

Just Plants is a vegan alternative to dairy for tea, coffee and hot chocolate, said Joe Fenn, director of Pfoods. It’s the tastiest, creamiest, and most frothy in cappuccino, latte coffee dispensed across office vending machines and at home for handcrafted chai and coffee. “Just Plants is healthier because it’s free of the antibiotics, cholesterol, lactose, hormones, and animal fats found in milk, but it’s also fortified with calcium and vitamins D and B12,” he said.

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A friend of the environment

Just Plants is greener for the environment, as measured by a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the product’s carbon and water footprints. According to data released by the company using established methodologies, Just Plants production yields 0.15 kg of CO2 equivalent per liter compared to animal milk production which yields 3.4 kg. This makes Just Plants nearly 2,300 percent greener for the environment, with regards to carbon emissions and global warming.

The product is available in bottles of 1 liter and 200 ml. technology dairy alternatives It also has a variety of uses in vegan baking and vegan desserts, including vegan yogurt and flavored vegan yogurt.

Developed in the parent company’s lab here, the protein (for plant protein) is a blend of highly soluble, bioavailable plant proteins and provides the single source of all nine essential amino acids derived from lentils and yellows, said Aju Jacob, joint managing director of Synthite. peas This makes the protein an entirely vegetarian source of complete protein as it provides all nine amino acids. This platform technology also has a benefit in ready-to-drink vegan protein shakes. The protein is released in 15 gram bags, with each bag delivering the same complete protein equivalent to an egg.

The company’s strategy is to focus on companies that provide coffee and tea to their employees through vending machines. Just Plants can be offered as a healthier and greener option to replace milk in office drinks.