Shriram Farm Solutions to get nanotechnology from US-based firm

Shriram Farm Solutions, a subsidiary of DCM Shriram, has announced that it has signed an agreement with US-based Nano-Yield to use nano-liquid technology in India. With the initial licensing of its technology, Nano-Yield expects to help Shriram focus initially on rice and wheat.

Shriram Farm Solutions said there is also an expectation that the product will be quickly used to enhance and improve the cultivation and harvesting of table grapes and bananas as well. Other tropical fruits and vegetables will also see better results, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

The company has various crop nutrients in rice and wheat crops for different uses such as foliar sprays, soil nutrients, micronutrients and biofertilizers.

Under the agreement, Shriram will enter into a technology transfer, supply and purchase agreement for the use of liquid nanotechnology for its Indian customer base, the statement said.

“Our collaboration gives us the opportunity to bring bio-nanotechnology into a wide range of agricultural inputs, ultimately helping in broad-based nanotechnology products for Indian farmers,” said Shriram Farm Solutions, CEO and Chief Business Officer Sanjay Chhabra.

Before the launch, the products will undergo extensive trials in various agro-climatic conditions, Chhabra said, adding that after the trial, the company will jointly develop products for the Indian market. He said that access to nanotechnology will help effectively in addressing the issue of nutrition utilization efficiency.

He further said that nanotechnology will greatly enhance the effectiveness of plant nutrition and liquid crop protection applications, improving overall efficiency.

According to Nano-Yield CEO and Co-Founder Clarke Bell, the technology transfer will also be used to enhance the efficiency of Shriram products, helping to increase crop yields.