Paytm Payments Bank rolls out new features on Paytm UPI

Introducing Paytm Payments Bank Ltd. (PPBL) on Tuesday announced a slew of new features for Paytm UPI, including UPI Lite on iOS, RuPay Credit Card on UPI, Split Bill, Alternative UPI ID with Paytm app to hide mobile numbers, and more.

In a social media live broadcast organized by PPBL, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder and CEO of Paytm, and Chairman of Paytm Payments Bank, announced the new features in the presence of Bhavesh Gupta, Director, Director, PPBL, and Surinder Chawla, CEO, PPBL.

PPBL was the first payment bank to operate with UPI Lite on Paytm Super App and has seen rapid adoption with around 60 lakh users.

Rupay credit cards

With RuPay Credit Card on UPI, PPBL has now enabled users to link their RuPay Credit Cards to their UPI ID on Paytm App. Users can then pay by simply scanning a UPI-enabled QR code via the Paytm app, eliminating the need to carry cards around at all times. Users do not have to wait for a one-time SMS, they can just pay with their UPI PIN.

Paytm UPI Lite

Paytm UPI Lite Enables lightning-fast UPI payments that never fail, even during peak transaction hours.

“We continue to drive innovation in India and empower users with the safety and integrity of Paytm UPI. We have also brought many great features like split billing, Paytm tags and alternative UPI IDs on the Paytm app,” said Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Chairman, Paytm Payments Bank, and CEO, Paytm.

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Speaking about Paytm UPI, PPBL CEO Surinder Chawla said, We are an integrated technology bank. We were the first to launch UPI Lite; The same applies to the RuPay credit card, and this innovation will continue. Our latest product, Paytm UPI Lite, is one of the biggest innovations that will push UPI to the next level. Nearly 60 lakh users are now enjoying ultra-fast payments with Paytm UPI Lite.”

During the live social broadcast, PPBL Board Member Bhavish Gupta said, “There are 70 small business merchants using Paytm Soundbox. With Paytm UPI Lite, payments are successful 99.99% of the time. The trust and relationship with the bank continues with Paytm UPI Lite.

A total of 13 banks have run on UPI Lite so far. RuPay credit card on UPI is the most inconvenient step in payments after Wallet and UPI payments.

With Paytm UPI Lite now on iOS, iPhone users can make fast payments that never fail. We have introduced multiple features to the Paytm app aimed at empowering users. With RuPay credit card on UPI, users can pay with RuPay credit cards and also earn rewards points. NPCI is enabling customers to pay for subscription services through UPI Autopay using a credit card as the source of funding,” said Abhishek Madan, Vice President, UPI Product, PPBL while conducting a product demonstration of the new features.

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He explained that users can also pin their favorite contacts or chat with their friends on the Paytm app.

Bill split feature

With the new Split Bill feature, users can create groups of friends on Paytm and share the bill in any group. Users can also flag payments made on Paytm, with which they can view all payments made under a particular flag at any time.