NSE net profit rises 31% to ₹2,067 crore in March quarter

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Monday reported a 31 per cent rise in consolidated net profit of INR 2,067 crore for the three months ended March this year.

In comparison, the exchange posted a net profit of INR 1,580 crore in the same period last year, NSE said in a statement.

Consolidated income from operations was ₹3,453 crore for the fourth quarter of the last financial year, up by 31 per cent over the same period last year.

Apart from trading, the exchange said total revenue was also supported by other revenue lines, including listings, index services, data services and co-location facilities.

Also, the NSE Board of Directors has recommended a dividend of $80 per share for fiscal year ’23.

The final dividend will be subject to the approval of the shareholders.

During the quarter, NSE contributed Rs 203.45 crore to the Basic Settlement Guarantee Fund (CSGF).

The objective of the primary SGF is to ensure that sufficient funds will be readily and unconditionally available to meet the settlement obligations of the clearing firm in the event that the clearing member fails to meet the settlement obligations.

“Total Basic Settlement Guarantee Fund is INR 5,284 crore,” the exchange said.

Net profit for fiscal year 23 increased by 41.5%

For the year 2022-23, the net profit of the exchange has increased to ₹7,356 crore from ₹5,198 crore in the previous year period.

Further, income from operations increased to ₹ 11,856 crores in FY23 as compared to ₹ 8,313 crores in FY22.

In 2022-23, NSE said it contributed ₹28,989 crore to the treasury which comprised STT (Securities Transaction Tax) of ₹21,965 crore, stamp duty was ₹1,987 crore, GST was ₹1,655 crore, tax Income was Rs.2,687 crore and Sebi Markets regulator fees were Rs.695 crore.

The exchange said that in the past five years, the cumulative contribution from the NSE to the National Treasury and SEBI amounted to $98,268 crore.