Low-pressure area forms over Bay, to rapidly strengthen as depression

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) It announced the formation of a low pressure area over the southeastern Bay of Bengal and adjacent to the South Andaman Sea on Monday morning.

Warm waters will allow the Gulf system to rapidly intensify as a depression on Tuesday and beyond as a hurricane (to be named) mocha) The next day, the third day of system formation, on Wednesday.

By then, the storm had shifted to the southeast and adjacent areas in the east-central Gulf and Andaman Sea.

Alert to fishermen and ships

The cyclone is likely to move initially in a north-northwesterly direction (the “left-inverted L”) toward the eastern central Gulf until Thursday, after which, it will gradually turn to the opposite direction (north-north-east) toward the Bangladesh-Myanmar coast.

In view of the expected rough seas and high winds, the IMD has advised fishermen, small vessels, boats and fishing vessels not to venture out into the Southeast Gulf and adjacent areas of the Andaman Sea from Monday to the southeast and bordering the Middle Gulf and Andaman Sea. from Wed. Those currently sailing in the southeast bay and bordering the South Andaman Sea should return to safer quarters by Monday itself, and those over the middle east bay and North Andaman Sea, by Wednesday.

Recurving, midway

Numerical model predictions by IMD as well as global models have indicated the hurricane’s recurring track for a few days now, as reported in these columns.

On the other hand, the incoming western disturbances spilled over Jammu and adjoining areas of northern Pakistan on Monday morning and will continue its journey to the east through the plains of northwest India and the Indo-Gangetic plains.

Entering the Indo-Gangetic Plains, the western disturbance will be prompted to dive low into the Gulf and trap the typhoon. Mocha within its extended limb, and carried the system with it eastward.

The cyclone will disintegrate into land as it impacts the nearest land feature on offer, the rugged terrain of neighboring Myanmar or Bangladesh, according to IMD’s forecast.