Cyclone alert in Arabian Sea even as Kerala awaits monsoon onset 

In fast-paced developments from Monday night, a low pressure formed over the southeastern Arabian Sea that intensified on Tuesday morning as a depression. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) expects it to become a cyclone by Wednesday. earlier in May, Sub-tornado super Mocha In the Bay of Bengal the first pre-monsoon storm in that basin.

A severe tornado is very likely

The depression is located over the Arabian Sea about 920 km west-south-west of Goa. 1,120 km south-south-west of Mumbai; 1160 km south of Porbandar; and 1,520 km south of Karachi. It is likely to move north and intensify into a cyclonic storm over the eastern and central Arabian Sea and adjacent southeastern Arabian Sea by Wednesday (738 km NW of Kavarati, Lakshadweep).

IMD expects the cyclone to intensify at least three times as a very intense cyclone in the next four to five days as it moves away from the west coast of India. It expects the cyclone to be in open water at least 876 km southwest of Mumbai by then.

Karachi track eyes?

Preliminary forecasts indicate that the cyclone may be heading towards Karachi in Pakistan, not too far from northwest Gujarat and southwest Rajasthan in India. It may weaken off the coast of Karachi and stop over nearby waters for a few days before being picked off by a transient westerly disturbance and deposited over Karachi and the neighboring coast of Gujarat by 15 June.

The fishermen’s warning sounded

Given the brewing hurricane, fishermen have been advised not to venture into the open waters of the southeast and adjacent central and southwestern Arabian Sea on Tuesday; Middle East and adjacent West, Central and South Arabian Sea from Wednesday to Friday; Middle East and adjacent to the Arabian Sea west and central on Saturday. along and off the coasts of Kerala-Karnataka and Lakshadweep-Maldives regions on Wednesday and Thursday; and along and off the coast of Konkan-Goa-Maharashtra from Thursday to Saturday.

Monsoon is suspended in Minicoy

Meanwhile, the monsoon lingered over Minikoy in Lakshadweep for the fifth day on Tuesday. The IMD has not given a new timetable but has predicted light to moderate to somewhat widespread rain, thunderstorms, lightning and gusty winds over Kerala, Lakshadweep and inland southern Karnataka and is isolated to spread over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh over the next five days. Heavy rains in isolated places over Lakshadweep and Kerala from Wednesday to Friday.