Chana procurement tops 22 lakh tonnes

The purchase of Chana or Bengalgram by Nafed at the lowest support price of ₹5,335 per quintal has surpassed 22.26 lakh tons as on Friday in the ongoing rabi purchases season 2022-23.

The total value of the quantity purchased was more than Rs 11,875 crore and so far, more than 9.73 lakh farmers have benefited. In the previous season, Nafed bought a total of 25.92 thousand tons.

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While the purchases in the southern states have finished, they are still ongoing in the major producing states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan.

So far, 7.97 thousand tons have been purchased in Madhya Pradesh as compared to the previous season’s 8.02 thousand tons. Similarly in Rajasthan, 1.66 thousand tons (2.99 thousand tons in the previous year) were purchased. In Gujarat, purchases amounted to 3.27 thousand tons (5.59 thousand tons).

In Maharashtra, the purchases to date are more than 7.29 thousand tons compared to the previous season’s 7.6 thousand tons.

Chana purchases in Karnataka were at 79,631 tons (74,000 tons), Andhra Pradesh at 72,000 tons (64,503 tons) and Uttar Pradesh at 11,651 tons (26,500 tons). Channa purchases in Telangana amounted to 50,238 tons.