CCL Products acquires coffee brands from Löfbergs Group

CCL Products (India) Ltd (CCL), the leading instant coffee manufacturer, has acquired several brands from the Denmark-based Löfbergs Group. The brands taken over by the Hyderabad-based company include Percol, Rocket Fuel, Plantation Wharf and The London Blend. These brands are owned by the Food Brands Group, a subsidiary of the Löfbergs Group.

“The agreement accelerates our strategy to expand manufacturing and distribution of consumer goods products globally,” CCL said in a statement on Thursday. The acquisition will give CCL access to the UK supermarket, which is the largest instant coffee market in Europe with annual retail sales of $850.

Founded in 1906, the Löfbergs Group roasts more than 10 million cups of coffee and sells its products in 18 markets. “The sale allows us to focus on the rapidly growing Löfbergs Roast & Ground and Whole Bean business in the UK,” said Daniel Styrenius of Löfbergs Coffee Group.