Carlyle Group sells 18.4 million shares of Delhivery for Rs 710 crore

The Carlyle Group on Thursday sold shares worth Rs 710 crore in logistics company Delhivery. CA Swift Investments, a subsidiary of the major private equity firm, sold 18.4 million shares at Rs 385.5 each. The Bank of Norway, Societe Generale and the Saudi central bank were among the buyers. Delhivery shares closed at 386.65 rupees, down 0.5 per cent. In November, Carlyle sold a similar amount of shares for ₹607 crore after the close of the IPO after six months on Delhivery shares. So far this month, the Indian market has seen a flurry of mega deals among strong inflows of foreign investors.

First published: June 22, 2023 | 11:04 p.m ist